Step 3 - Inviting



Inviting is the third step and the first in you taking action and putting yourself in a situation that may be new to you. It is not as scary as it sounds and with a few simple skills and some practice you will effortlessly master the skill of inviting.

The point of inviting is to ask a few questions to see if your prospect is open to something other than what they are doing currently. It is to invite them to a class, a business presentation, a one-on-one sit down meeting with you; or to view a video link, dial in to a group call, or a 3 way call with your sponsor/upline. You are not presenting your business on this call, and don't give away too much information about the products or the business. The point is to create enough curiosity to see if your prospect is open to looking at something new and perhaps a change in their life that will bring them health or wealth or BOTH!

Use these scripts as a guideline and add your own personality and language you use, that sounds like you. But don’t be afraid to try something new.  This is probably like no business you have been a part of and there are skills to be learned. AND…these scripts work.

Let’s Learn from Eric Worre - a master at inviting:

Scripts to Build Your Young Living Business

Step 1: Be in a Hurry

This is a psychological issue, but people are always more attracted to a person who’s busy and has things going on. If you start every call or face to face conversation with the feeling that you’re in a hurry, you’ll find your invitations will be shorter, there will be less questions and people will respect you and your time much more.

Here are some “In a hurry” script examples:

  • “I don’t have a lot of time to talk, but it was really important I reach you…”
  • “I have a million things going on, but I’m glad I caught you…”
  • “I’m running out the door, but I needed to talk to you real quick…”
  • “Now isn’t the time to get into this and I have to go, but...”


Step 2: Compliment the Prospect

This is critical. The sincere compliment (and it must be sincere) opens the door to real communication and will make the prospect much more agreeable to hearing what you have to say.


Here are some sample compliment scripts:

For Warm Market Prospects:

“You’ve been wildly successful and I’ve always respected the way you’ve done business.”

“You’ve always been so supportive of me and I appreciate that so much.”

“You’re one of the most connected people I know and I’ve always admired that about you.”

“You’re the most (or one of the most) important person/people in my life and I really trust your instincts.”

“You have an amazing mind for business and can see things other people don’t see.”

“I was thinking... who are the sharpest people I know? And I thought of you.”

“You’re one of the most positive and energetic people I’ve ever met.”

“Some people are very closed-minded which limits their opportunities, but I’ve always admired the fact that you’re open to looking at new things.”

 “You’re one of the most (health conscious/technology savvy/fashion or beauty conscious/wellness-minded/ financially intelligent/etc.) people I know and I’ve always respected that about you.”

“You’re one of the smartest people I know and I really trust your judgment. “

“For as long as I’ve know you I’ve thought you were the best at what you do.”


For Cold Market Prospects:

“You’ve given me/us some of the best service I’ve/we’ve ever received.”

“You are super sharp. Can I ask what you do for a living?”

“You’ve made ________ a fantastic experience.”


Step 3:  Make the Invitation

In this situation one size does NOT fit all.

  • Direct Approaches – When the opportunity is for them.
  • Indirect Approaches – Use to ask for help or advice.
  • Super Indirect Approaches – Use to ask people if they know others who might be interested.

Most people use a Direct Approach for all of their prospects. Usually it goes something like this “I found a way to get rich and let me tell you all about it. Blah blah blah.” I understand the passion, but really... who’s going to get excited about that, unless they’re getting the call from a millionaire?

As you become a Network Marketing Professional, you are going to find that you use the Indirect and Super Indirect approaches much more, but that doesn’t mean Direct Approaches don’t have an important place.


Direct Approach Scripts  (and remember, you’ve already done Step 1 and Step 2)

For Warm Market:

“When you told me ________, were you serious or were you just kidding around? (Wait for answer). Great! I think I’ve found a way for you to get it/solve the problem/ make that happen/etc.” (This is for situations where you know an area of their dissatisfaction)

 “I’m launching a new business and I really want you to take a look at it.”

 “Are you still looking for a job (or a different job?). I’ve found a way for both of us to start a great business without all the risks.”

“If I told you there was a way to increase your cash flow without jeopardizing what you’re doing right now, would you be interested?”

“I’ve teamed up with a company that is opening/expanding in the _______ area.”

“I’ve found something exciting and you’re one of the very first people I’ve called”

“When I thought of quality people that I’d really enjoy working with I thought of you. Would you be open to hearing what I’m doing?”

“Let me ask you something... Would you be open to diversifying your income?”

“Let me ask you a question, off the record. If there were a business you could start working part-time from your home that could replace your full-time income, would that interest you?”

“As you know I’ve been a (insert occupation), but because of (negative factors) I’ve decided to diversify my income. After considering my options, I’ve identified the very best way to make it happen.”

“I found an exciting business, and together, I think we could do something special. 1+1 might add up to 10.”

Or you could try the shocking approach used with great effect with my good friend Friends name - “With your skills, you could make $50,000 a month in a business I’ve just started”. This works good when you are respected by the prospect.

I’ve used this one with great success:  “This is the call you’ve been waiting for your whole life”.

For Cold Market:

“Have you ever thought of diversifying your income?”“Do you keep your career options open?” (An oldie but a goodie)“Do you plan on doing what you’re doing now for the rest of your career?”

You can follow any of these cold market scripts or any variation with the following: “I have something that might interest you. Now’s not the time to get into it but...”


For Warm Market:

“I’ve just started a new business and I’m scared to death. Before I get going I need to practice on someone friendly. Would you mind if I practiced on you?

“I’m thinking about getting started with a business I can run from my home. Would you help me check it out and see if it’s for real?”

“I found a business I’m really excited about, but what do I know? You have so much experience. Would you look at it for me if I made it easy and let me know if you think I’m making the right move?”

“A friend told me the best thing I could do when starting a business is to have people I respect take a look at it and give me some guidance. Would you be willing to do that for me if I made it simple?”


Super-Indirect Scripts

Super-Indirect Approaches are incredibly powerful and play on a number of psychological levels. This is a networking approach that asks the prospect if they know someone else that might bene t from your business. I use this approach all the time with great success.

For Warm Market:

“The business I’m in probably isn’t for you, but I wanted to ask, who do you know that is ambitious, money motivated and would be excited about the idea of adding more cash flow to their lives?”

“Who do you know that might be looking for a strong business they could run from their home?”

“Who do you know that has hit a wall with their business and might be looking for a way to diversity their income?”

“Do you know any sharp people who live in _________? Yes? Great. Could I get their name and email address if you have it? I have a business expanding in that area and I want to see if they think it will be successful there.”

“Do you know anyone involved in a serious job search?”

“I work with a company that’s expanding in our area and I’m looking for some sharp people that might be interested in some additional cash flow. Do you know anyone who might fit that description?”

In most cases, they’re going to ask you for more information before they give
you any names (behind that request with be curiosity and intrigue thinking this might be for them... but they’re not going to admit that to you yet). When they ask you for more information first, just respond like this. “That makes sense. You’ll want to know about it before you refer some of your contacts” Then just move to step 4

For Cold Market:

Cold market is exactly the same as warm market for Super Indirect. Just use the scripts above or any variation that’s comfortable for you.


Step 4:  (One of my absolute favorite approaches!)

If I____, Would You____?  

This phrase puts you in a position of strength. How? Because psychologically when you phrase a question like that people respond positively to people who give us things and want to give back also. It works so much better than if you were to just tell them to do something or just ask them.

 “IF I invited you to a special call, WOULD YOU listen in?”

IF I could show you a way to diversify your income, WOULD YOU be open to sitting down with me and hearing about it?

 “IF I gave you a link to an online presentation that explained everything, WOULD YOU click on it and watch it?”

IF I shared by products with you, WOULD YOU try them and see if they work for you?”

"IF I invited you to meet my business partner, WOULD YOU agree to come and meet her/him?”

If you’ve done the first 3 steps properly, the answer will be yes.

If they ask for more information first, just respond with,

“I understand that you want more information, and if I could explain it to you on the phone I would, but it very visual. I don’t have a lot of time now, so does coffee on _______ work?

If they keep asking, be firm and either go for the “no”, or the “take away.” Maybe it is not for them. “Sounds like you may be too busy right now, I could give you a call next week. I have a lot of people I would like to reach out to.”

Step 5: Get a Time Commitment

If sending a link: “When do you think you could watch the link for sure?”

Don’t suggest a time for them. Ask the question and have them give you the time. If it’s not definitive, “I’ll try to do it sometime”, then tell them. “I don’t want to waste your time or mine. Why don’t we just try to lock in a time you’ll have seen it for sure?”

The key is to get them to say YES a second time. Saying yes to step 4 is NOT a commitment.

Use the above script to get the commitment whether it is to show up for a meeting, attend a class or a 3 way call.


Step 6:  Confirm

If they tell you they’ll watch the link by Tuesday night your response should be:

“So, if I called you Wednesday morning, you’ll have seen it for sure right?”

The key to Step 6 is they’ve now said 3 times that they’ll follow through and they’ve done it all by themselves. They’ve set a real appointment with you for the future.


Step 7:   Get a Time and Number

“What’s the best number and time for me to call?”

Now they’ve said yes 4 times and the chances they’ll follow through has been increased from less than 10% to over 80%.


Step 8: Get off the Phone

Remember, you’re in a hurry right? The best thing is to say something like

“Great. We’ll talk then. Gotta run!”

Thank you Eric Worre!









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