“Straight Talk Success System” – The 48 Hour Training

By Jackie Sharpe

Welcome to Your Road to Success – The 48 Hour Training,

We call this 48 hour training, not because it takes 48 hours, but because it is highly recommended that you meet with your sponsor or upline within 48 hours of enrolling and begin learning the skills needed to build a successful Young Living business.

In your 48 Hour training we cover 7 basic steps:

  1. Setting Your Goals (Under the Getting Started Tab)
  2. Creating Your List (Under the Getting Started Tab)
  3. Inviting
  4. Presenting & Handling Objections
  5. Follow Up
  6. Team Work/Accountability Partner
  7. Personal Strategy/Action Plan and Core Habits
  8. Sign up for Essential Rewards – Replacing your products  (Under the Getting Started Tab) a.Know the Resources and Tools available to help you   b.Core habits to follow daily

Embrace and Understand Network Marketing

Network marketing is unlike any other business in the world. Due to the ability to compensate every person directly for what they actually do without regard to age, race, background, or education level, network marketing is the ultimate equal opportunity.

Network marketing assists people in embracing change. That’s why network marketing is becoming the preferred business and distribution system for many major companies. It is the reason Young Living chose to spread the word and share their products this way. How else can we make Gary Young’s dream a reality to have these oils in every home in the world  if not through “word of mouth”?

If you are new to network marketing, and even if you are not, pick up a copy of “Go Pro” and hear it from a real professional in our industry. Eric Worre has almost single handedly changed the way people think about and “do” NETWORK MARKETING. “Go Pro” one of my favourite books and resources for the beginner, and old timers such as myself!  (Check it out under Recommended Resources)


Duplication is the Key to Success

As Young Living leaders, we want you to succeed with us in what we believe to be the best company, highest quality essential oils and oil infused product line, and a most lucrative and rewarding compensation plan.

The "Straight Talk Success System" is patterned after the activities of the most successful product and business builders and network marketers in the world. Many I have known personally, worked with over the years, and occasionally shared the stage with, as I built my global organization.

The key to your success can be summed up in one word – Duplication. Duplicate the principles I am teaching and then ingrain them in your future distributors. There is no need to re invent the wheel.

I am constantly learning and in the “trenches” with you, and will be adding to this training site. Our business is changing so quickly and Social Media and the Internet have literally changed this industry as well. Make sure you are on the weekly calls or listen to the recorded calls.  I will eventually be recommending courses as well as inviting leaders in our industry to join us for webinars and the weekly calls.

Most of all have fun and take action every day.

I wish you all Health and Abundance as you start down this road to your new future.

Jackie Sharpe

Entrepreneur, Trainer & Network Marketing Coach