1. Marketing trends are changing globally. The information highway of the internet is changing how we look at things, find things, research things and how we purchase things. And it has become a leading resource for information in the health and wellness industry, which we all know.

It’s a huge and expanding multi billion dollar industry. $50 billion to $150 billion/next 10 years
The baby boomers are now in the second half of life, growing older, and make up the largest part of our population, and they want to feel better. They need health and wellness products.
We have at least 50% of the population into alternative and preventive medicine. It’s been around for years, but it’s really coming of age.

Then on the other end of the spectrum, we have the Millennials: 18-35 year olds. Many of these are young moms, kids in or just out of college and looking for jobs. They are turning to clean lifestyles and if not now, soon, to homes to raise their families. Home schooling is coming into fashion, chemical free homes, organic, non GMO trends. The Millennials spend the money to have this lifestyle. They want to be involved in something that is “do good in the world” without actually starting their own Foundation or charity. They think, “How can we make this planet a better place for our futures?”

The company I am going to tell you about is a market leader and trendsetter in both wellness and toxic free living products. They also have a Foundation, where a percentage of our products goes for benefit numereous charitable projects around the world, which many of us, including Millenials like because we are “doing good by doing well”. Using products that are sustainably produced, and being involved in a company whose proceeds are going to a Foundation that benefit communities around the world. We can all feel good about that.

So all the mechanics of wealth are there... and the industry trends are continuing to change and grow. For people who see that, there is money to be made. We can ride that wave to success.


2. The Company I am going to tell you about is Young Living (Feel free to add, “Have you heard of us?”)

In 2015 we reached $1billion in sales. In 12016, we surpassed that number. We are slated to go to $3 billion in the next 3-5 years. And in order to get from $1 billion to $3 billion there is going to be massive growth around the world in our company. A huge percentage of that is paid out in commissions to people like me who tell people like you about this industry, these products, and about this opportunity. So somebody is going to get that money. I’d like it to be me. Perhaps you’d like it to be you too? When we’re done, you’ll tell me if this is for you. And if it’s not that’s fine.


3. The Products:

We have amazing products in the health and wellness industry. We started with 20 essential oils in 19993. Today we have more than 500 products all infused with the best essential oils on the planet. They are therapeutic grade and of the highest quality. We own our own farms – more than 15 and have partner farms – all over the world. We have a patented and unique to us process called “Seed to Seal”, which I can give you a video about to watch later if that interests you. Trust me on this one, we are the industry leader at what we do, bar none, setting the standard for the best therapeutic grade products in the world.

We have products that cover the gamete: products for pets, for children, we have personal care items for men and women, we have products for physical health and nutritional support, body care and face care products, kids products, supplements and anti-aging formulas, products so you can have a chemical free home, weight management, and even a full line of pet products all infused with essential oils. There isn’t a product that we don’t have that you use in your home, that you can’t substitute out for our products.

Next and most important are products are consumable. That’s key to this industry and your success.

Consumable -- which means that people buy them every month and that is how we build this incredible industry. And that is how our company is going to go from $1 billion to $3 billion, because our products are consumable. People love them. They use them. They share them. And they reorder them every single month.


4. Network Marketing vs. Traditional Business/job market:

It’s no secret that this is a business of “networking”. I f it wasn’t I am not sure I would be in it! Think about it, it’s something we all do everyday. You know, you recommend a good movie, you recommend your hairdresser, we all do it every single day... a good restaurant. Nobody sends you a check.

What I am really doing is telling you about a business and opportunity and a product, that you are going to get paid for sharing with other people. And if they jump on board with this, they are going to tell other people... and we are in 19 countries around the world. My hope is that you will want to build a global international business through the opportunity that we have here.

We all know that with traditional sales for example you sell something like a house once and you are back to square one looking for another house to sell. And unless you continue to pound the pavement, your income flow stops. For most of us, unless we are at work doing our “job” with regularity, we have no income stream. We are trading time for money, and both are limited.

I don’t know what your financial situation is. What I am talking about here is leverage. Imagine being able to build a business where it wasn’t about you anymore. That you had thousands of people around the world who brush their teeth and wash their bodies, and clothes and dishes, put on face cream, take vitamins, do any health and wellness care, and you made a tiny percentage of that. It is not about you any more. It’s not about you going to work and working the 60 hour a week job to get a pay check.

And times have changed. We all know that our kids are graduating from college, coming out with degrees from great schools, and a lot of debt, and cannot get a job in their desired profession. There are probably people working in this restaurant that have amazing degrees and can’t get a job in their industry.

So I am trying to get people to see that there is another way out there to make money, in an industry that has been around since the 1920s and 1930s. An industry that is well accepted. There are annual conventions every year where thousands and thousands of people turn out, and it is just an accepted way and a dynamic business model misunderstood by far too many who see this.

All you have to do is wrap your head around what I am talking about, and come with me on this amazing ride. I don’t know if it’s for you or not, and that’s fine if it isn’t. But if it is, I promise you the ride of your life.


5. Team Building Support/Work Local/Think Global:

The best part of this is that you have my support. You have the support of leaders, you have the support of the company. The best way for each member to succeed is to teach and support others to succeed. So it is called network or referral or multi level marketing because other the relationship building necessary for everyone to succeed.

We don’t have to touch the product. We don’t ship it, we don’t keep inventory, I don’t cut payroll checks... All the tools are there.

You have my undivided attention and support if you want to build this business and make walk away income, or whatever your desired amount is. We will teach you how to set goals, create an action plan, and achieve success.

And when we met before we sat down for this little meeting of ours you told me that you were open to an opportunity, that you really wanted something different. You were sick of (working those long hours, or you didn’t have enough money, or you wanted to retire your wife to stay home with the kids... whatever they told you , this is now when you bring it up, bring it full circle.) You said that’s what you want and I am giving this to you on a silver platter if you take it. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime. And I hope that you see something hear for you because it really is pretty amazing once you get into this and we start building together and you have all the support that you need.

THEN BE QUIET and let your prospect talk.


To recap:

So what I told you: we are talking about consumable products in a system of networking, Network Marketing where we can capture a huge piece of the market through our health and wellness products.

The company is called Young Living, we have 500 products. We have essential oils, personal care, nutritional supplements, etc...

All you have to decide is if you want to do this, and I can teach you.
We have a due diligence package that is less than $300 that has products that you will go home and use your products, share them with your family. You are going to fall in love with them the same way that I and millions of other people have and if you like them, you are going to order them again,

You are going to get on a monthly program.

You are going to teach people to do the same thing.

Finally, you will sit down with me, make a list of people, clarify your goals, tell me the time you have to put into this, and we will come up with a plan.

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